Wednesday, June 20

[update] Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek"

Entire post updated and revised to say:

I fell madly in love with a song I heard on a TV show many months ago. Turns out it's quite famous, has been in several TV shows, and has a ton of blog posts around the internet waxing on about it. I thought it was the most amazingly precise, blended acapella I'd ever heard but it turns out it's more an electronic thing; my dad has the equipment that allows programming vocal tracks with auto-chording, but I never heard it sound as good as this.

I'd first captured it from the video, but I managed to capture it from the official website so there isn't the TV audio track mixed in. It's called "Hide and Seek" and it's by Imogen Heap. Most her stuff is pop techno. She's also part of the group Frou Frou that had a hit song on the recent Shrek 2 album. She also had a number on the Narnia sound track that is very beautiful.

>> The song is HERE <<

I hope if you like it you buy her album so I won't feel too guilty about pirating it for my readers.

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Suzique said...

What a cool song! I'll have to head over to iTunes...