Friday, December 14

Proletarian Patties

Not long ago I was rereading the fabulous chef Karen Barnaby's book The Low-Carb Gourmet. It costs more than more recipe books, and it was written a few years ago so I think it probably has more soy in it than a modern book (which might be more likely to employ more almond meal, coconut meal, flaxseed meal, etc. for example). But it is really a very good cookbook. It's not just a bunch of versions of quickies that most of us know from hanging out in lowcarb forums, but some really elegant meals and photos to make anybody drool. Some terrific LC foods I think Karen invented include the 'cauli-rice' that is surely one of the coolest dishes ever, especially since it can be anything from dill to chicken stir-fried.

On 12/3 I began another 12 week cycle of lowcarb intent. It's been quite awhile since I've been properly LC, although I did some for a week or so before the 12/3 date to first drop the water weight. I'm keeping a food log which, in general, is fairly predictable. So are my taste buds.

So today I was thinking about my recent eating. I went and got a 5 lb. thing of hamburger, I divided it into 12, 7oz chunks, wrapped in foil and dropped all the foil things into a ziploc with '7oz 85/15 ground beef' on the front. Every night I take out a couple and toss them into the fridge. 2 days later they are ready to eat. I just flatten it, add sea salt and cracked black pepper to both sides, spray a pan and fry it. When done, I put a couple tablespoons of homemade blue cheese dressing on top of it. Yummmmn.

My 11 year old and I have eaten more 'hamburger patties' -- her with some ranch, me with some blue cheese -- than any other food for the last two weeks. Peasant food, I suppose, proletarian fare compared to the glamorous glory of Karen's stuff! But I really am acquiring a taste for the things at this point. Probably in great part because it's just EASY.

So far, stuff I can smear on an ordinary burger patty:
blue cheese dressing
ranch dressing
any kind of cheese
lowcarb ketchup
pesto (yum)
sauteed mushrooms-onions

Anybody have any other ideas? Since this seems to be becoming one of the staples of my diet, I figure variety is a good thing. A sauce/topping needs to be thick enough and/or strong tasting enough to really mean something in this case. (I don't put gunk on steaks. Only on meatloaf and burgers. ;-))



nonegiven said...

I like to eat hamburger patties with lc ketchup, mustard and dill pickle slices. Same as always, only without the bun. I have wrapped with a lc tortilla or a large lettuce leaf but eating it with a knife and fork seems easier.

Sara said...

How 'bout some guacamole? I'd suggest Annie's Goddess dressing, but I think it has a small amount of soy in it. I also like spicy brown mustard mixed with a drop of Sweetzfree as a condiment on burgers. The spicy brown mustard is pretty thick.

Oh yeah...I forgot about curry mayo too - just dump a ton of curry powder into a bowl of mayo and mix that all up. Not really a 'sauce' - but still a nice flavour.

I really like turkey burgers too - just the regular ground turkey, formed into patties - although I did hear of someone mixing in roasted garlic into the ground turkey before cooking. That sounded pretty good, though I haven't yet tried it.

Cindy Moore said...

I make up hamburg patties then freeze as I think it gives a better texture.

In any 1 pound beef, add a little paprika, garlic powder, onion powder or dehydrated onions, salt and pepper. Add a 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce and mix well. shape into loose patties and cook. Before serving top with grated mozzarella and allow to melt. Sprinkle fresh ground Parmesan on top and enjoy!

Regina Wilshire said...

If you get to a point where you want something other than a could try taco salad.

Brown the beef with taco seasoning and some salsa.....salad is lettuce, chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumber, shredded cheddar cheese, a dallop of sour cream, some salsa and the warm ground beef.

Anonymous said...

I actually live off Dijon mustard, the kind you just get from a bottle. zero calories, zero fat, but a fair amount of sodium, which I ignore, ha! I put it all over vegetables and chicken and mash it all up and put it in the microwave and it is delicious.

Anonymous said...

oh, and zero carbs on the dijon mustard, too!

PJ said...

My friend Mis added a great idea in my journal: "Awhile back you asked for burger recipes. I really like burgers italiano. 1/2 hot italian sausage, 1/2 ground beef, grill, fry or broil burgers. While those are cooking, sautee green pepper rings. Put one on top of each burger w/ a slice of mozz cheese and a dallop of marinara."

Oh.2.B.Fit said...

Sauteed (sp?) Mushrooms are YUMMY on Burgers. Also blue cheese crumbles cooked in the burger is soooo good...even a little spinach :) Now I'm