Wednesday, September 27

Good Morning! Have a Carb Craving!

So it was 3am but I was wide awake, and two big boxes of lowcarb products were sitting in my living room, waiting to be unpacked into the Official Low Carb Wall Unit. As I was starting the project I was noting that I was actually kind of hungry, which is rare. I needed more protein, but I didn't want more cheese and didn't want to cook anything as I figured sleepiness would hit any moment.

Unwrapping Netrition's excellent packaging (I rave because they only charge 5 bucks no matter what you buy, so it's fair to be appreciative), which is kinda like lowcarb christmas only much more work getting to the goodies, I came upon two boxes of Atkins "Morning Start" bars. I bought these just to try them. They seemed to have fewer carbs than the other bar-versions and I thought well, maybe now and then I'll need some protein quickly. I thought it might be nice to have stuff like that on hand for emergencies.

I decided right then would be a good time to try one. They were lower on protein and higher on carbs than I suspected, but frowning fiercely at it didn't make that change, so I went ahead and started eating it. I admit, I couldn't help thinking of the sheer quantity of food I would have been able to eat had I not been wasting carbs on this little thing about half the size/weight of a snickers.

The taste wasn't bad. But then it hit me. SWEET!! Not just sugar-sweet or fruit-sweet or cream-sweet but specifically, "carb-food-sweet". Must have been the granola in there. I felt as if I could feel 'carb cravings' starting in me literally as I ate the darn thing, as if it triggered something in me. I chalked it up to my imagination and sleep deprivation, finished it and finished the project, which took awhile, and went to bed.

This morning I woke up hungry. Cranky and hungry. I wanted chocolate; pastries sounded ideal; but mostly I just wanted food and a lot of it. Wanted to eat everything I even thought of.

Didn't have time for a real breakfast before work, so I dragged out one of the many toys netrition brought me -- Designer Whey chocolate peanut butter caramel protein powder (is that decadent or what?!) -- and added some of Blue Diamond's chocolate almond-milk-stuff with a tablespoon of DaVinci caramel and a splash of cream.

Eh. It was ok. I may never be truly fond of anything that contains protein powder, I think it is vile to the molecular level no matter what its brand disguise, but it was drinkable and I'm guessing most people would say they like it, given the endless waxing poetic I hear about protein shakes in all the lowcarb places online.

I was still hungry. Or maybe I was just driven to eat. I prowled the kitchen like I had food-lust and finally found a tiny bag of pecan halves I'd gotten at the store, and ate them. All of them. Then I continued prowling -- and suddenly stopped and said, THAT DAMN BREAKFAST BAR!

In nine days I haven't even been hungry, even despite not eating every other 24hrs! I have had zero cravings for anything. I have not even been tempted by carby food, not because I don't like it but because I've had no appetite, I'm full of protein and water all the time.

Yet I eat one "lowcarb breakfast bar", I actually feel the effects even while eating it, and within six hours I am foraging like an animal fearing starvation!

I should give the rest of them away.

{Bars claimed!}


Newbirth said...

I would, but those things stall me out and are evil.

Sorry you have such a bad experience.

Welcome to the world of low-carb blogging! :)

Monica said...


congrats on your weight loss so far. :)