Wednesday, December 6

12 Week Goal: Met and Passed!

I began lowcarb on September 18.
My first 12 weeks end on December 10.

My 12 week goal was to lose from 467 to 400.

I'm at 395, so it looks like I made my goal!

A few days early, even. Yay!

I know weight loss is technically expected to slow down, but I plan to be more proactive the next three months than I have been the last month. (I've been lousy the last month. The only reason month#2 came out so well is because the first 2 weeks of it were before my "no appetite/uncaring" phase hit.)

I'm planning to make my next 12-week end goal 340. That 12 weeks will be December 18 to March 11.

I have a very cool spreadsheet I use for tracking 12-week weight patterns, includes the math and a graph on another page, any of y'all who want a copy for your own use just let me know.

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Lady Atkins said...

You are doing SO totally awesome! :) Congrats!