Thursday, September 10

Birthdays and Goals

I turn 44 Monday, September 14th.

I've been working hard on 'parsing' immense amounts more stuff out of my house, and the rest much more condensed and organized. The result being vastly less clutter and more space. (Is it just me or is it nearly impossible not to associate house-clutter with bodyfat?)

We're painting a couple rooms this weekend, including my hideously dark blotchy bedroom. That is sure to change my environment drastically and cheerfully.

Here's hoping that as a result of all this effort, I feel more accomplished by Monday. :-) Because I haven't really accomplished anything on the weight front this year.

It occurs to me there are a lot of different ways to set goals. Not just daily but the larger stuff. What the scale says is one but surely there are many others.

So what do other people think? What do you make as your 'goals'? What is the criteria by which you judge if you've accomplished something useful in the previous year's time??



Rishara said...

My main goal right now is to control my blood sugar (since I am diabetic) and get myself healthy enough to not die an early death. As I told my family, I'd rather be fat and healthy than thin and unhealthy. I'm just hoping that the weight loss follows suit, but I am trying desperately not to obsess on the scale (though it IS difficult sometimes!). On the non-dietary front, we have also had the goal of decluttering our house. We've done a lot so far but have a few more rooms left to do. It does make you feel so much better, as if a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

OhYeahBabe said...

Happy birthday, PJ! New paint rocks - I hope you love your new space!

David Brown said...

For many years, my main goal has been to resolve nutritional controversies. Most people are burdened with at least a few bad ideas as to what constitutes proper nutrition. For example, arguably the most health-damaging idea mainstream nutrition science has come up with over the past 50 years is the notion that saturated fat causes clogged arteries because it raises cholesterol. I don't have time to argue against that fallacy so I'll just suggest that readers Google "Hyperlipid" or "Whole Health Source" or "saturated fats truth benefits" to educate themselves on the matter.

kanishk said...

Happy birthday, PJ! New paint rocks - I hope you love your new space!
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