Thursday, June 7

MY Fabulous 52: Goals for the Next Year

And here it is. I now have 52 goals and a year to accomplish them. I'm convinced if I am focused and remind myself of them often that I can get a whole lot more done in my life than the alternative -- the normal "life passing by" without attention!

In no order, so I can shuffle them without having to renumber later. :-)

Health and Fitness (6)

* shake off the burden of at least 100 more pounds of body fat.

* be able to walk three miles at a moderate pace without stopping.

* be able to ride 30 minutes on my exercise bike (any level, 80rpm) without stopping.

* be able to do my kneebend-holds for at least five minutes.

* have the muscle to do at least 8 squats without harming my knees.

* establish enough habit where eventually I can say I have exercised every day for two months.

Commitments to Others (7)

* SM's birthday present from 9/06 is getting a little old. How bout sending it?

* K's ebay to germany is like four months overdue. 6/19/07

* Send all the promised disks to S, given all the stuff she sends ME, sheesh. 6/19/07

* E's shirataki noodles are aging in a box by the door. Send already!! 6/19/07

* clean up and sell printer-toner-etc. (worth 5K or so) for at least 1K, owe A half of the result

* C's website is broken, the database interface area. Fix it.

* Either quit fully or finally do the new T site for C.

* get M's project finished programming and ready to open

* transfer RW's site to the PF 6/19/07

Medical (6)

* get the kid to the dentist for pre-braces consideration

* get the kid to doc and referral for minor surgery to remove skin tag

* get myself to dentist and get tooth fragments removed

House Stuff, minor (6)

* get pot rack hung up in kitchen

* replace hallway thermostat with one that has a display that actually works

* assemble slant-desk and put in room.

* add shelves to the walls in the kid's room to deal with stuff.

* add high shelf on one kitchen wall, to store food books and vases

* get some kind of alarm for the big garage freezer so if power goes out I'll know

Finance (2)

* Establish an actual budget, especially for food and kids' clothes, and really good tracking system for all income.

* Come up with a payment plan for all debts, no matter how pathetic, including some saving, and stick to it.

Family (1)

* Work out a detailed chores list for kid and be a hardass about making her learn some responsibility and dependability.

House Stuff, major (10)

* patch bathtub, or put in a cover-tub, or...

* get a motor put in the giant attic fan, get it to work

* replace bathroom sink-cabinet with something that fits

* replace kitchen under-sink plumbing with something that works

* make a ramp up the cat window of the garage

* get drip irrigation set up for backyard garden

* paint my bedroom

* paint the living room

* paint the kitchen and finish painting and replace cabinets

* tear out carpet in weights room and clean and wax floor, whatever its nature

Organization and Parsing

--Hobbies, anomalies study (1)

* get boxes of CD/DVD media sorted, all the massive uploading to FTP done where needed, database software created and data entered, and then disks stored or given away so they are not in boxes sitting around.

--Hobbies, music (3)

* figure out how to make my musical keyboard work again.

* Find a decent place to store keyboard and other various instruments that have no place

* Move the three guitars, amp etc. into the exercise room or living room perhaps.

--Hobbies, sewing and crochet (2)

* use at least 50% of all material to sew something useful; get rid of at least 25% of the rest of it, so the storage is not so much stuff.

* get rid of all the lovely yarn I'm never doing anything with. Use one of the trunks to store the last of the material with.

--House, General (9)

* go through all the tubs of 'stuff to do something with'. Get rid of as much as possible. Put the rest AWAY already.

* go through all remaining books. Give all away that I can. Condense the rest into minimal storage space.

* make ceiling anchored hangers for various candle holder presents

* give away or sell huge 1200 air conditioner in garage

* give away or throw away stored Y2K food in 5g buckets stored in garage

* get ex to take his boxes, books, etc. out of here

* when finished painting (...) get rid of the ton of painting materials, paints, etc. in garage

* get rid of or move all the stuff on the 2 black shelves in living room

* get all new media onto media tower. Use TV center if more space is needed. If there isn't enough space, consider getting rid of some of the VCR tapes.

...and last but should be first:

* Pray. EVERY DAY.

Longer Term, Post 1-Year Goals

* New refrigerator

* New carpet

* Invisalign for me! (clear braces)

* Eventually, skin surgery, but that's years down the road with low bodyfat%

Immediate 1-3 month goals:

* Get weight/squat cage put back together 6/17/07

* Come up with several pairs of sweats for outdoor exercise... make or buy

* Sell enough stuff... save enough money... whatever... to get the kid & me a small non-inflateable (we have cats!) pool for the summer

* Save money, deposit, pay for half, go on vacation Sep-Oct

* Fix exercise bike, if it has a problem


size8jeans said...

You've done such a great job not just changing your body, but changing your life! :)

Tracy said...

I love this idea - one thing a week for a year. It's so easy to get overwhelmed. Great idea! You've inspired me!

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