Saturday, June 2

Where I Am!

OK! I started where I am. 381 pounds!

I can finally say again, "I lost 100 lbs!" About time. I know that's a number that would make most people want to swan-dive off a bridge, but since I started at 482 way back when, it's a number I feel pretty good about. My goal is to reach at least 365 -- preferably 350 but that may be unreasonable -- by the end of this 12 week cycle (which is Aug 5).

Nearly five months off lowcarb had added enough water weight that it's taken me three weeks to drop it. From now on though, anything I lose should be fat.

As soon as I can find my tape measure, I'll have that plus a body fat% measure that's done based on those. Doesn't really matter how exact it is, since it's the "change" I'm interested in over time. I want to focus a lot more on body fat% and not just weight.


See my TT blog for exercise stuff. I've been doing it. It's working... as much as it can, given my weight. This first week is easy, next week I hope to find my max weights for proper workout, and I'm on my way.

It's been Ozark storming so much I haven't been able to use the cool walking park my city just built. And some stupid kid (either mine or my housekeeper's) stole the power cord from my overpriced exercise bike for some reason. I'm feeling very growly about that at the moment!


I've planned a menu for next week, for the five weekdays. I'm working on eating more this weekend but the official menus start Monday. I must shop today or tomorrow for a few things to finish it off. It allows me to plan all food, 6 eating times a day, prep most things ahead of time at least partly for superfast food, and have great numbers.

I got a burr coffee grinder (economical but great reviews), an electric french press, some 100% kona coffee, and more of the 24% butterfat dutched cocoa. I'm going to start having mochas in the morning (with half&half). I know, this has some carbs, and it's caffeine -- of course, that's half of why I want it, haha! -- but it just sounds so decadent.

I feel like I'm treating myself well, somehow. Like even just taking the time to make something nice for myself to drink is itself a special kindness to myself. I don't normally even make the time to make food for myself, let alone something special, except the occasional experiments I post here. It's funny but it seems like the lowcarb approach has, in the end, had a lot more to do with respecting my body and taking time to do something decent for it, than just the food choices themselves.

For most people it's an eating plan... for me it's therapy. :-)


Niki said...

WOW PJ!!! You are doing AWSOME!!!
Good luck in your adventure :) I'm looking forward to hearing how it all turns out.
I have a coffee press that I just LOVE!!! Mmmm!!! I'm a coffeeAholic. I only have a cup a day, but Oooo how I look forward to it :)
I've never seen an electric coffee press before. It looks really nice though. Let me know how it all works out for you :)
Good luck with everything!!!

Sparky's Girl said...

You are doing so well PJ! I'm glad you are being good to yourself. We all should do that more often. Enjoy your coffee treat!

Anonymous said...

I got one of those dealies you put on top of your mug and pour hot water into. I think it was 4 or 5 bucks with two box tops or something.

Tracy said...

100lbs...WOW. You're amazing!

Happy to hear you're treating yourself too. You sound like me...I'm a total kitchen equipment junkie. I'd love an electric coffee press, and I don't even drink coffee (I could start, I think to myself...)

Anyway, I applaud your hard work thus far and look forward to reading about the rest of your journey.