Tuesday, September 4

A Buncha Random Things About Me

This began as the 8 Random Things About Me blog-tag. Special thanks to Online Christian, Regina Wilshire, Breadless Mrs. B and Diet Pepsi Girl (?blogless?) overlapping the same tag, it is now the Buncha Random Things About Me.

  1. I love red coats, red shoes, and red cars. At this moment, I have none of them.

  2. I loathe nearly all politics and politicians. I am closest to libertarian but not that either. I am however fanatically a believer in all the stuff they indoctrinated us with when we were 6 about what America stood for. My biggest political gripe is that it doesn't reflect reality. I want my first-grade version of America back dammit.

  3. My boyfriend lives on the Hawai'ian island of Maui. Somehow, I have managed to not yet visit him. Someone please slap some sense into me.

  4. I've been devoted to Archangel Michael for nearly 20 years. It's difficult to explain but a powerful driving force in my life.

  5. I once spent nearly a year training formally in hypnosis and NLP. I am in the top 1-2% of hypnotically suggestible subjects.

  6. When I was 5 I had a stuffed-something I called 'black baby'. My parents left it by accident when we drove off from California and moved--by way of Oregon and New Mexico--to Oklahoma. I'm still kinda mad about it.

  7. According to informal family poll, I am at least 14 different nationalities. The native american part isn't on the rolls so they aren't even 100% certain what tribe it is. Cherokee, they guess.

  8. I named my daughter Rykah. I started with Rayka, the name of a pretty girl in a 'Lethal Weapon' movie. But she died, and I didn't want to name my kid after some movie character that got murdered, so I changed it. My daughter's middle name, Nadine, is after my grandmother. Grandma's name is Norma Nadine, so of course, everybody knows her as Susie.
  1. When I was 10 I was constantly in trouble at school for unreadable writing. I got pneumonia and nearly died. When I came back to school my handwriting had changed radically and I won the class award.

  2. I've worked on computers nearly all my life, and am on them the majority of my waking life, but I never, ever play video games.

  3. When I was 19, I accidentally turned my hair a screaming magenta which literally glowed with a halo under the lights at my workplace. The looks of shock and horror from a couple office girls I didn't like, were so rewarding I pretended I'd done it on purpose and didn't dye it back for months.

  4. I once had a sort of spiritual experience with a spider "deva" and now am nice to them, even though it took me 3 months at age 18 to condition myself out of a genuine phobia of the things.

  5. I once took a ten year vow of celibacy. I broke it three months early to get married.

  6. I've been deeply involved in a very practical approach to conscious psychic work for a dozen years now. 99.99% of anything you ever hear about that subject is bogus: wishful thinking, actual fraud, marketing, confusion, etc. The .01% left over is not woo-woo, it's not evil, and it's not imaginary or stupid. It is however, very inconsistent, albeit astounding at times.

  7. I used to want to name a son Dennan, and have sometimes used that as a net alias.

  8. I look horrible in black and mustard. I look amazing in deep rust. I'm told that makes me an "Autumn" in the 'seasons' approach to skin tone and colors.

OK I found even twice times 8 exhausting for some reason, so I am stopping there! Tomorrow when I get off work I will go find some victims other bloggers to tag. ;-)



OnlineChristian said...

Thanks for posting 8 random things!!! It's all in good fun and it is neat to learn a little more about those Low Carbers we share so much with online!!!

Glad to hear you are back to cliff climbing!!! Don't get discouraged!

Keep your chin up and keep making good decisions! One foot after the other...

Diet Pepsi Girl said...

Hey PJ! My blog is at burningthescale.com. Did I not post it there when I tagged you? Sorry about that!
Love the random things, especially the hair with the halo around it, hehe.