Sunday, September 2

LC Blogger Humor

OK, now, this is actually pretty funny. You know the joke about how when some employee is not in the room, they get volunteered for everything? "That'll teach YOU to use the restroom when the VP is visiting!"

Well, never let it be said that the lowcarb world of bloggers doesn't have its own sense of humor. I used to just think that a surprising number of lowcarb bloggers were smart and witty people. But after spending just over a month "out of the loop" of my lowcarb stuff -- i.e., "out of the room and not looking" -- now I see that they are also mischievous sorts, like little lowcarb gremlins who probably went back to their blogs and snarkled their little LC-made-it-smaller-butts off.

In blogging there is this meme called "tagging", where one blogger will be asked to post on a given topic, or whatever, and they are supposed to do so and then go "tag" several other people. This is basically like a chain letter, for blogs. The difference is that most bloggers by nature love to talk about themselves, in fact can hardly be shut up about it or they wouldn't be bloggers to start with, so the blogging world (aka "blogosphere") regularly invents nifty games to allow bloggers to talk about themselves and then go tag other bloggers to do so as well.

And it works out well for everybody, because usually the people who are reading blogs have at least a tiny bit of interest in either the blogger or their writing, or they wouldn't be reading it to begin with.

So the blogging tag-game of the moment is "8 Random Things About Me." The idea is you tag one blogger and they gotta tag 8 more. As a given with this meme, a blogger can only be tagged once.

Now in lowcarb, this is easier said than done. There are not exactly hundreds of lowcarb bloggers. In fact we are in a position to, in some respects, help define our niche of the genre, as a result. There are the earliest blogs, I suspect that Jimmy Moore's is one of them. And there are the most influential blogs in terms of "credentials" or "technical aspects", I suspect the blogs of Dr. Mary Dan and Dr. Michael Eades and Dr. Mary Vernon are a few, though I personally think Regina Wilshire should be on that list too--proof you don't have to be a doctor to have intelligent, well-written, factual stuff on a blog regularly.

Theoretically, a blogger is only supposed to be tagged once. But apparently this only applies if the blogger is PAYING ATTENTION. Like, had I been BLOGGING, I would have seen the first tag, posted on it, and that would have been it, right?

But sneaky blogger-friends saw that PJ was obviously ignoring her blog--a blogger sin if there ever was one. So, I imagine while cackling with hilarity, I got tagged again. But wait, I still didn't respond! Well, we'll teach THIS blogger something about paying attention to the blog--I was tagged again. AND AGAIN!

It started with Online Christian of Low-Carb Lollygagging.
Then Regina Wilshire of Weight of the Evidence joined in.
Then Breadless Mrs. B (and her Fat-Cat-Fergie) thought that looked like WAY too much fun to resist, and then
Diet Pepsi Girl apparently got carried away and tagged me too, which was funnier still since she doesn't even have a blog so go figure that one out.

So... should I do 8 Random Things About Me--four times? One time? Hey, if I do it once, three people get a free ride on tagging. And how many people do I have to tag as a result? I have no idea. I've never seen a blogger get tagged more than once for the same meme. It's hilarious. It's like a funny tease for someone spending way too long away from their blog.

I will do it.

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INTJ said...

Oi, it sounds like that 25 things about me thing sweeping facebook right now.