Friday, February 9

Independence Day

Today is my official independence day: my husband, as of late last night, is out of the country, and permanently out of my life aside from visits-to-kid. Thanks be to God. I feel like I have lost a ton of weight from some unspecified part of my body, as if we hold some 'astral' sense of weight with things that 'weigh us down'.

I could look at this as losing 195 lbs overnight. I feel great!

It'll take me at least a month just to clean up the unbelievable amount of STUFF he over-occupied the main room (and largest bedroom) with, but I'll do it. And after two months of ice and snow, and 8 cats stuck in the house all the time, I decided to get tough about them at the same time. He went to the airport and they got thrown out to live in the garage. It has a couple HAC vents out there, food, water, litterboxes, and a cat-door in the window so they are free to go in/outdoors. I let the little fragile one with no body fat stay inside, but when it warms up, she can go out too.

Already the house FEELS significantly different.

I'm so happy.

I sang, "Hit the ROAD, Jack! And don'tcha come back! No more, no more, no more, no more!" all the way home from the airport.

I think I'll go clean something.


Sweet Tart said...

Congratulations! It will be 3 years in May since my ex-husband moved out and my life has changed in many unexpected ways since then. You're doing such a great job healing your body and your life. I love reading your blog.

Lady Atkins said...

You are making great strides forward cleaning out the fat and all the junk! :)

peg said...

when my ex calls my cellphone (more often than desired)... it plays Kelly Clarkson's Since You've Been Gone!