Monday, October 23

The Body as an Elemental

I'm a metaphysical kinda gal, and one of the things I find interesting is the concept of nature's sentience, and what you might consider the 'devas' (architects) and 'spirits' (sort of like nature-angels) of nature itself.

This is not 'instead of' a belief in God, but rather, part and parcel of it; I tend to think that all things are by nature (without distortion) divine, because all things are of God. I consider animals, plants and even metals and rock (in different ways) to be "composed of sentience" because I think our entire reality/universe is.

Physicists say that mass, like your coffee table, is 'vibrating energy trapped in a cohesive shape.' That we see it as a coffee table and not vibrating energy is due to the biological filters of our body. That it hurts when we run into it is due to the span of frequencies our biological bodies inhabit "compared to" that of the coffee table. If it vibrated more quickly than our bodys'-energy, it would be less-solid than us, from slightly permeable to liquid to gas to sound to light and finally to invisible. It is vibrating somewhat more slowly, which is why it is seemingly denser and harder than we are. If it were yet more dense, it would eventually be hard as rock, then diamond, and if it were too slow, it might not even be "within the range" of frequency we can perceive, and like light above the violet zone, we might be oblivious to it.

I consider 'energy' to be the other side (wave form) of consciousness, in the same way that space and time are the same thing but in an inexplicable way none of us will ever get our brains around while resident in these bodies. Hence, the coffee table 'has' some degree of consciousness, though it is not 'self-aware' in the way that humans are. And I tend to assume that there are identities in our universe which are 'aware' to a degree that makes us look about as bright as coffee tables. ;-) Angels maybe, who knows.

So lately I've been thinking a lot about my body having its OWN consciousness, as apart from, although part-of, "mine." I've had some "esoteric experiences" where I became incredibly aware of this, and it was totally amazing.

We think of our bodies "as" "us". Yet whether your religion is something traditional or more metaphysical, all of them definitely hold the philsophy that "we are more than our physical bodies" -- that bodies are something we HAVE, not something we ARE.

The past few days I have been forcing myself to think of my body not AS me but as a highly intelligent, complex "nature spirit" that happens to be "part of" me.

And what's kinda funny is that it is really having an effect. I am starting to think of my body as a friend -- as a sweet creature that I want to TAKE CARE OF. Not like, "I'm ignoring you because you're me and who cares about me." More like a partnership of sorts, though not as separated as that makes it sound.

I'm starting to think when I ignore that I am thirsty, or have to pee but I'm busy and try to put it off, or when my back hurts because I'm slouching and I'm ignoring it, that I am being very unkind to this fabulous entity, thanks to whom I have a presence in this range of frequency and beat-pattern we call reality. :-)

I'm starting to think that maybe I should be nicer to my body. It has put up with a whole lot of crap over the years and the fact is, it was my horrible lifestyle that apparently destroyed my metabolism, and that was MY choice, not my body's. Aside from the metabolic issues, I'm really disgustingly healthy. I've been athletic and strong all my life until my massive weight gain around 15 years ago. I've always carried weight far better than most people, looking thinner with more weight and being more active at higher weights, who knows why, distribution of it maybe. I was blessed with the ability to really focus, absorb, extrapolate and innovate, mental qualities that have benefitted my life in every area. Though I'm sure higher aspects of "ME" have something to do with that stuff too, the bottom line is that my body, as an entity worth respecting on its own merits, has worked hard for me, suffered a lot, and continues to support me like a real trooper despite the condition I've put it in.

I'm concluding that maybe there is some "lack of self-value" going on, if I ignore my body when I think of it as "me," yet am suddenly all compassion and appreciation when I think of it as even partly separable. Maybe that Virgo service ethic gone overboard: "Everybody else matters more than me."

I'm starting to think of my body more as a gift from God I've been given for my use, rather than an obnoxious incomprehensible thing I am trapped in.

Anyway, this is just musing a bit, but it's the kind of thing I find interesting. And the good news is, my body is benefitting, and as a result, so is my life.


Big Daddy D said...

I'm glad to see your blog. I'm going to try your zuchini pie and chili verde recipe. I too have a low-carb blog where I am posting my own experimental recipes:

Lowcarb_dave said...

WOW! What a post!

Very deep!

I love the attitude of being friends with your body, almost liek it is another entity. To care and show respect for it!

To have compassion for it!

Imagine if we all did that!