Wednesday, October 11

Don't Have a Cow, Man

Have you any idea how much protein you're supposed to have per day if you weigh "anything over 250 pounds?" Something like 120-140 grams. And that's keeping it at the 250 lbs level, mind you -- there is no actual level for 434 lbs at last count. I'd have to be fed protein slush intraveneously or something, until finally I was noticeably smaller than my refrigerator.

Speaking of refrigerators, when you start lowcarbing you promptly realize you have too many cupboards and not enough refrigerator. It's crazy. Everything has to be refrigerated except the various LC 'ingredients' like flours and sweeteners and flavorings and such. My refrigerator is as fat inside as I am outside. Every time I open it I am assaulted by things like flying cheeses hurling themselves off the shelves at me. Do you think this is a message.

Speaking of messages, the lowcarb forums are interesting, in that the boards are pretty boring for the most part and not much messaging -- and too big a % in newbies who apparently can read forums but not their own diet books -- but the journals sections are much cooler. It's kind of novel, you read enough of someone's journal and you feel like you know them. There are people I feel fond of like they are sisters, and people I admire like crazy and want to be more like. I'm in online forums for other topics -- or rather I was, until the 18th when I went low carb and totally swore off all the other junk keeping me online too much, even though some of them are big projects I'm owner of -- but other topics don't seem to inspire the personal level of bonding that LC journaling does. Maybe because it's a vulnerable state of mind, working with food which is pretty intimate, and problems and ego-security etc.

Speaking of egos, I find it humorous that people can be just as hardheaded and opinionated about food as about every other topic I've seen online. Apparently, any place where humans gather, there's going to be dispute -- there are probably serious arguments even on basket-weaving forums. (Now there's an art that gets a lot of undeserved humor and flak.)

Which reminds me of flax -- yes, this is a stream of consciousness blog day -- I've been continuing my experiments. So far two variations on the crepes have failed miserably. I just want one un-sweet enough, soft and flex enough, yet firm enough, that I can have a tuna-mayo rollup. Is that so much to ask. This having to come up with something to cook every day and night and even morning is ridiculous. I've gotten some great advice about stuff to keep onhand and cooking one day a week. Hoping to get up the energy to do half a day full of cooking this weekend...

...and speaking of this weekend, I have an appointment to spend essentially all my spare money to go buy a quarter of a cow. That's right, 25% of the meat from an animal I'm sure was lovely and sentient but now is dinner. The former vegetarian in me still has a twinge of guilt---but not much, heh, since this is a free range grass-fed non-drug cow, and that's the kind of life I'd like to support for anything we eat.

And speaking of eating, I can't seem to eat often enough, or eat enough protein when I do. Stallone puddings may save my life, since I'm pretty sure I can eat chocolate pudding (and it's pretty snack-pack cheap-tasting-but-good) any time I like and getting 20g of protein out of it rocks. Otherwise, I am basically stuck eating meat.

Speaking of meat, today I had an 8oz round sirloin made on the foreman grill, with a salad in a bag they call 'field greens' that is filled with weird junk I've never seen before and is nearly as scary as japanese food, and I even had 4oz of sausage and an egg as well, and STILL I am at less than half my 'required protein' for the day. Even though I've eaten so much I'll be stuffed till tomorrow. Then the cycle starts all over again, and I'll be hunting and gathering and foraging for sufficient protein.

And again, will probably end up eating a big chunk of cow. Speaking of...

I SO have the urge to experiment with the 'deep fried donut' recipe.

No. That has nothing to do with cows. Why would you think it did? :-)


kudzu said...

Try not to worry about a target amount of protein. Just eat protein and fat at every meal until you feel satisfied. The amount that makes you feel satisfied and keeps hunger away for 4-5 hours until the next mealtime is the appropriate amount for YOU. There is no need to starve yourself on this way of eating, and likewise, no need to force feed yourself either!

You'll soon learn the right amounts by trial and error. You'll want to keep tweaking as you lose weight also, because you will gradually be needing less and less food.

Sweet Tart said...

We've ordered a 1/4 of a cow too! Ours is not yet ready for pickup, but the freezer was delivered this week. We've also got a 1/2 a pig and 24 organic pastured chickens on the way. I look forward to shopping my freezer for the next few months:-).

Newbirth said...

I'm doing mostly beef right now, too, unless I could find some cheap pork.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing PP too and I think the intent is to assure that you focus on protein first in the meals, and good carbs second, because it will fill you up and keep the cravings at bay. I often missed the mark when it was up in the 120 range, but I continued to lose weight anyway.

Cindy said...

Just found your blog today. You're doing great! Keep it up!!

I chuckled when I read about the refrige. I bought a large one 9 yrs ago when I moved. It was almost always full, but there were 4 people, 2 of them teens. Today it's pretty much just me and the frige is still always packed!! But, like you said, it's all good food! My cabinets, on the other hand, were never big enough....and now sit half empty, despite the fact that I've bought more dishes and glassware!

I've been dying to buy a 1/2 cow, pig, etc...but just can't put that much out all at once. Hopefully that will change soon.

Enjoying your blog! Keep it up!!!


Regina Wilshire said...

The upright freezer is a basic necessity these days!

Like Sweet Tart - I just picked up our winter order of pastured chickens, our last "cuts" order of meat to hold us until our split quarter (beef) is ready and have about half of the half hog to go! Oh yeah, we also have some lamb, elk and bison in there too...

It is so much easier, IMO, to bulk order and have everything on hand right in the freezer - anything we want for dinner is right there, no need to run out to the store to pickup meat. In the short-term it does require the money to make the purchase, but then you don't have any expense for meats for months on end.

You're right though about the refrigerator - packed up with all the fresh food....I've found that keeping some things, like the vegetables, in a cool place works just as well as keeping it in the refrigerator - almost every non-starchy vegetable keeps well in a cool place (like the garage in a box or cabinet) and frees up space in the refrigerator.

The only things we keep in the refrigerator is usually the greens - they wilt if not kept cold....but everything else - squash, cauliflower, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, etc. - all keep fine as long as they're kept cool. If something gets slightly "wilted" like aspargus, you just cut the bottom and place in water for about a half-hour and it comes right back to life!