Thursday, October 5

No pain, no... hey, just no pain, ok?

I'm pleased that my activity level has gone up so much in the last few days. I feel kind of proud of myself. Ya just wouldn't believe the amount of self-discipline and willpower and sheer effort it takes to be active in any way at my weight. I'm really working hard at it.

I've gone from being on my feet a total of 10 minutes a day (pre 9/18) to being on my feet several hours a day (mostly with cooking, cleaning and shopping). And I'm doing more 'going out to the car and going somewhere and coming back' since I'm now driving kid to/from school, as well as all her karate/dance lessons etc. (and shopping etc.) Pre 9/18 I'd get to the car and have to pant for awhile. I have to say my oxygen absorption has improved by light years, as I can now do quite a bit of exercise without panting. I may breathe more deeply but it's not the same.

My body, however, has its own opinions about my enthusiasm. My feet ache with every step, my knees don't want to bend, and if I bend at the waist or lean sideways, muscles all the way around my torso and especially in my back cry out in such pain that I wail out loud. Every motion is harder, even getting into my bed or getting up from a chair.

I spent 15-20 minutes in the kitchen this morning and had to leave because I was to the point where I could barely move. I dropped a lid and the thought of having to bend over another time to pick it up nearly made me cry. As fast as I could I grabbed my food and got out of there so I could go sit down and rest my back.

I feel like I got run over by something big and mean.


Newbirth said...

I added you to my blog I reaed list. It was getting long, so look for the drop down menu.

kudzu said...

Aren't you glad you're on the road to recovery? Keep in mind that with each day you stick with this, you're going to be a little healthier than the day before. It will be so worth it! I really applaud your efforts.