Sunday, July 22

Cocoa Muffincakes v 1.10

I've been gradually mucking about with a recipe for something that vaguely resembles "chocolate muffins", somewhat more than strawberries resemble iguanas, but somewhat less than these things resemble any form of bread- or cake- based item in the world.

These are low-carb and gluten-free.

It uses mostly healthy ingredients: nuts (almond meal), seeds (flax meal), protein powder (Designer Whey Vanilla), eggs, butter, cream cheese, and quality cocoa. Optionally you can add other nuts or berries.

The processed items (aside from protein powder) include artificial vanilla extract, baking powder, sweetzfree (liquid sucralose), DaVinci syrup and Fiberfit for combined sweeteners.

The current recipe makes 40-44 "mini-muffin" sized items. I warn you that baking anything containing flax seed meal is SO much better done in a spray-it-first silicone baking pan. You can toss in half a walnut or a blackberry or couple blueberries to each muffin before adding the batter if you like, that is yummy too.

1 serving I count as 3 of the muffin-things.
Calories: 293g Fat: 23g Carbs: 6.85g Fiber: 3.33g ECC: 3.52g Protein: 16.32g

For a sweet-thang, 3.52 ecc and 16.32 protein is not bad!

They are munchy enough to graze on, but so high in protein/fiber that once they start digesting I lose interest in eating any more of them for awhile.

My favorite part of these things is that I can put them in a ziplock and keep them with me through a long day and evening. (A paper towel in there will reduce moisture.) I don't have to refrigerate them, I can just munch on them when I want to. Since the number of fairly low carb high protein items that do NOT need to be refrigerated or cooked on the spot is very low, I consider these very cool.

These are fairly sweet and you could put cream-cheese frosting on them and use them as cupcakes. I've also had these with a few lowcarb chocolate chips dropped inside each muffin, that is good too but makes them more candy-like. This particular recipe version tastes like a semi-dry, subtly-flavored brownie sort of. I think I will add a little more oil next time.

I might add that a *quality* cocoa, oil, and protein powder are obviously important to the end-result of stuff like this. I used Penzey's 24% butterfat baking (non-dutched) cocoa, macademia nut oil, and Designer Whey Vanilla Praline protein powder.

Special thanks to the fabulous Niki at Oh.2.B.Fit whose wonderful raspberry cream muffins gave me the idea to switch out my cream for cream cheese and increase my almond meal, which made this version of these muffins the best in texture so far out of all the versions.

I'm going to see, another time, if I can drop the cocoa and aim for making these fruity in a way that I can combine both extracts and real fruit for stronger flavor. I'm thinking lemon-blueberry, or orange-raspberry maybe.

Click below for a full-size image you can save or print.

Happy munching!



Niki said...

I'm so glad those worked out for you PJ!!! I have been thinking of trying to make them into some sort of This looks GREAT!!! I need protein powder :)
And the fruit ones with lemon sound DIVINE!!!

Niki said...

Oh, and PJ I'm not on Kimkins =-O
Does someone else have my name :(
I'm true to Atkins :)
It's the only WOE for me!!!

Oh.2.B.Fit said...

Hi PJ,
I haven't seen you around sweetie. Hope all is well. I was just thinking about you :)

Oh.2.B.Fit said...

Where are you PJ??? :(

OnlineChristian said...

I was "blog-tagged" (by "Sparky's Girl") to spill my guts about eight random things about me. I normally don't go for this kinda thing (I don't forward those "cute" chain emails so I guess I'll have bad luck for a gazillion years), but this is all in fun - so I did this one (on my blog). I now have a compelling obligation to tag eight others to also spill their collective guts about eight random things about themselves. So I am tagging some of my favorite low carb bloggers and forum/journal posters to see what they might share about themselves.

So anyhow... Tag, Yer It!

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Big Daddy D said...

Hi PJ. Thanks for posting your cocoa muffin recipe. I've seen you mention it a few times and am glad to now be able to try it. But, I have a few questions...

What is fiberfit?

What flavor of Divinche's syrup do you use? If you didn't have any what would you use instead?

Sherrie said...

Hey Niki I have been thinking exactly the same thing, I was just checking in.

PJ I hope everything is okay!!! :)

Niki by your gorgeous recipes there is NO WAY your any where near Kimkins LOL

One of your muffins would probably feed their whole member base ;)

Regina Wilshire said...

Tag! You're It!

I've selected you to play tag and post 8 random things about you on your blog and then tag eight other people when you're done. You can't tag me back!

Breadless MrsB said...

I tagged you in a game of Blog-Tag!! (I swear I didn't start it - don't blame me!! Hehe).

Diet Pepsi Girl said...

Oops - I tagged you also - all in good fun! I love your blog. Visit for more info!


Big Daddy D said...

We've been wondering what has become of you. You've not been seen around here in over a month. I certainly hope everything is okay.

islandgirl said...

Interesting recipe, I have a tweaked and similar sounding (in the end-result) recipe...and I DO love recipes. NOT new to LC, relatively new to the blogosphere and exploring...

Question: why 3 kinds of sucralose sweetener? in my world, sweetener blending is 2 or 3 kinds of *different* sweetener bases...

danyelle6974 said...

I'm confused at the carb count because my ground almonds are only 6% carb....