Monday, July 16

Lowcarb Freedom of Speech

Recent events in the lowcarb online world -- insert here endless quantities of ranting, whining, defending, attacking, reasoning, pleading, and more -- have made it clear that one of the problematic issues in this 'online field' is that of censorship.

Now, it's pretty normal that any forum has the right and NEED to keep their forum sane, and on the more contentious and/or long threads that is an even bigger deal. But sometimes that is a bit overdone. And sometimes the editorial problems go on at blogs, as well.

Recently, an editor at one allegedly public and fair lowcarb place took a comment that was very negative toward him, in response to a certain post, REWROTE IT to be fawning over him, and then thanked the person for being so nice (and "God bless you" as well, sheesh). The person making the comment had no way to edit it--and finally changed his username to something that made it clear what had happened, as his only defense.

I think this makes clear that what the lowcarb world could really use is a single, centralized place where ANYBODY can post things that have been edited, deleted or banned, from online lowcarb areas. (I am referring to lowcarbers here. Not to trolls.) They can make 'tags' of their own usernames so they'd have a direct link not only to each post, but to a category that was entirely their own contributions. Any author can add a link back to their own blog(s) as well.

Editorial 'fair policy' as well as actual 'abuse' prevents sometimes important points or information from being provided to the public. I think if eventually multiple authors contributed to this, it would be pretty interesting reading.


It is open to anybody who requests it. You need a gmail/blogger account, I can invite people to gmail if needed. Email me at or post a comment here and I will give author access.

If you don't want an account but still want your content posted, email it to me with the date/time and location posted, your username at that place and what happened to it, and I'll post it on your behalf, or other authors there can.

Seriously, I think this is important to our field, and I hope people who have blogs will consider linking to it and using it themselves if they encounter 'editorial' issues anywhere online related to lowcarb.


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