Tuesday, September 18

Ode to Pesto

If there was ever a lowcarb taste-bargain, it's pesto.

Now, in quantity, pesto can be pretty carby. But it has a pretty strong taste, so you don't need much. Usually it has around 4 carbs per 1/4 cup, but especially if the food is temperature-hot (so the pesto gets a bit thinner), it mixes very well for flavoring into pretty decent quantities of food.

My favorite chicken-pesto recipe is the Pesto Chicken Salad. Now I have a favorite morning-food:

Pesto Quesadilla with Scramble

2-3 eggs
spices: oregano, salt, pepper
some sliced hot peppers (or onions if you prefer)
scramble it.

1 lowcarb tortilla (or 2 taco-sized ones)
1-2 oz shredded cheese (whatever you like)

Spray pan and scramble the eggs, spices and peppers. Heat LC tortilla slightly (like over the gas flame or the emptied hot pan). Re-spray pan.

Spread about 1-2 Tbsp of pest on 1/2 of one side of the tortilla. Put the tortilla in the pan (pesto side up obviously) and sprinkle on some cheese, spoon in your scramble mix, add the rest of the cheese, and fold the tortilla over. Grill until melty on the bottom, flip, grill until melty on that side, serve.

It's so ridiculously good.

I'm not including counts 'cause it's something folks should figure out based on the labels of their tortilla, pesto, and what other stuff they put in it.

I might add this is really good even without the eggs, just as a cheese pesto quesadilla, but there's more protein with the eggs. It's also pretty good even without the cheese and just with the eggs (...but not as much :-) it doesn't have the "melty") if you're trying to cut calories or dairy.

I have a dilemma in that I'm sensitive to gluten yet gluten-free flour is high carb. I'm sensitive to carbs but low-carb breadishes are higher in gluten even than normal stuff. Gah! I do have a crepe recipe I need to try again--they were surprisingly good--but that's so much work compared to taking something out of a bag. ;-)


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I'm inspired! This I will try!!
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