Friday, January 5

Seat Belts

Six months ago I was stopped by a police officer in a neighboring town. He was so young and beautiful. Damn.

He suggested that I had to wear my seat belt. I explained to him that I couldn't. My '88 Cad seatbelt didn't begin to fit, I had been unable to find any info online or at dealer about an extension. One of the bizarre things I never knew is that almost every car's seatbelt is unique. So there is no such thing as an extension that would fit any seatbelt. He said he understood, warned me I might be stopped by others, wished me well.

As he walked away, I muttered under my breath, "Loovvvvve a man in uniform."

At the same instant, my incorrigible ten year old turns to watch him walk away, her eyes wide, and breathes, "He oughtta be AN UNDERWEAR MODEL!"

I nearly choked! What on earth does SHE know about underwear models?! My gosh!

Hilarious. But that's beside the point of this post...

Today I did the normal routine. Pull half the strap around the front of me, as much around my waist as possible -- and I realized...

It fits. Not only that, it wasn't even any real problem to fasten it. It's snug, but not insanely so.

Maybe I am one of the few people who would be proud of being able to wear a seatbelt, but there you go. One more sign lowcarb is working.



Alex said...

That's a great feeling isn't it!!

I travel for work A LOT! I have to fly usually switching planes to get to and from where I am going. I fly the same airline most of the time so I took a seatbealt extension and I keep it in my carry on bag. I just couldn't stand asking for it every time. On my last trip I sat down and buckled my seatbelt without the extension and I grinned all the way to Florida!!

I took out the extension and gave it to the flight attentant and admitted I took it by accident on another flight, but don't need it anymore. YIPEE YIPEE YIPEE

Calianna said...

As time goes on, you'll find even more things that you can do.

It still takes me by surprise when I find that I can easily fit into something that I used to try to avoid because of the embarassment of not fitting.

But what a wonderful feeling!

Congratulations - and keep up the good work!

Bowulf said...

One of the worst parts of car shopping in the past for me was having to find cars with enough "gut room" in front of the steering wheel. How do you explain to your car salesman that models X,Y,& Z won't work for you because your belly rested unsafely on the wheel? The thought that I don't have to worry about that anymore struck me hard as we were shopping for one last year. It's funny where the low carb mini-successes come from in your life.

LOL at your daughter's comment - I would be still shocked at my 13 year old saying that!

Big Daddy D said...

I too often fly for work. A few months ago, after losing 35 pounds, I boarded a plane and asked for a seat belt extender. The stewardess said to take my seat and that she'd bring one to me. I sat down and, before she made it back to me, realized that the seatbelt fit without the extender. This was a good feeling, but the seat is still rather snug...