Wednesday, May 30

Tomboy Tough: It's Workout Time!

OK. I've lost enough weight now that I have to exercise.


I did some research on starting basic free weight forms that I could do with just a couple little weights they had at walmart. Most of these can be done just standing, or with a chair, or in one case a counter to lean against.

I made a nifty spreadsheet with all the info for a bunch of good starting forms, including details on doing it and links to a visual of how-to online. Find a sample of it and info at my new blog, Tomboy Tough. It is just for my exercise stuff.

And no, for the deviant males who have asked after seeing the title and design, it is NOT a lesbian blog. Sheesh. Men! ;-) (But what if it were? So?? Heh.)

I'm starting where I am, which is pretty much at ground zero. My first day is June 1 and it involves 2 x 30 seconds on an exercise bike, and 3# weights for a few shoulder exercises. It will grow, but I insist on starting so easy that I cannot possibly complain about the burden of expecting myself to do it.

Anybody who doesn't have or isn't using their exercise plan and wants to join a "google shared spreadsheet" with me, let me know via email ( I figure the only way I can get off my butt to do this is if I have to 'fess up to friends.

"Exercise is not negotiable."
-- Dr. Richard Atkins



katiep said...

Congratulations on your resolve to lift weights. I personally think it is the only way to exercise. It changes your body shape and makes you feel strong and empowered.
PS Thanks for the inclusion on your low-carb mania page -- I am very honoured!

TESS said...

I agree that exercise is a must, I started Curves after I lost 60 lbs, at first I could barely do the machines and I couldnt do the floor stretches for another 5 mon.(I could get down but getting up was just to difficult. As a result after now losing 140 lbs the loose skin is a lot less than on those who have lost the weight and haven't done strength training. I wish you luck and will be cheering you on!!!

Sparky's Girl said...

Good for you PJ! I agree with starting small so you don't overwhelm yourself. That's the way I've done it as well. YOU CAN DO IT!

Missy said...

PJ, your inspiring me! June excuses! It's time to move!

I was at 415 and am currently 347...and I've totally related to your blog.

Keep up the good work! We deserve this.