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This is stuff I experimented with and liked well enough to blog about. I didn't start learning to cook until a few years ago when I went low-carb, so everything is still pretty much experimental to me. I'm hoping to add more crockpot, pressure cooker, and 'bulk cooking in advance' stuff to the blog over time. And more with tomatoes and peppers and pesto, since these are things I do with garden products. I also have a few articles that kind of relate to cooking or food choices, or appliances and stuff like that.

On Food
Misc, Specialty Foods, Gadgets and Appliances
Recipes and Experiments
Not Gluten-Free

On Food:

Things Change: How Low is Low-Carb?

Designing Your Appetite

Home-Made Processed Food

Misc, Specialty Foods, Gadgets and Appliances

What To DO With All These Eggs?? Need Ideas

Foodism and My Freezer Fetish / Bulk Crockpot Freezer Food Ideas

Home-Made Yogurt and Yocheese

Veggies, V-Slicers and Very Bad Ideas

PestoMania and Big Green Cooties (or: I don't like veggies!)

Proletarian Patties: Ideas for variations on hamburger patties

Meatballs! A variety of LC Experiments

Recipes and Experiments

Divine Chicken Salad

The Return of Real Food (and Almond Muffins)

Chicken Casserole Verde

Chili Verde, Geared to Lowest-Carb (in retrospect, don't be neurotic, allow more carbs...)

Mushroomy Chicken with Bacon

Munchy Parmy Chicken Chunks (the closest thing to finger food LC has)

Egg Crepes, Sweet Version (this is a 'concept' recipe and not final)

A New Twist on Pork & Beans

Protein Puppies

Cocoa Muffins (a work in progress)

Sweetbowl Muffin (Midnight Munchies and my Ode to Carbs)

Pesto Salad

Spicy Pesto Tuna (or Chicken) Salad

Need to get measurements and add this to the recipes. Found it buried in an old post: Tonight's food: Godzilla Burgers. A replay on the hamburger mixed with some mustard, worcestershire, oregano, and Gorgonzola crumbled cheese. I'm hoping to make several and freeze a few and fridge a couple. My kid loves these.

Not Gluten-Free:

Pesto Scramble Quesadilla

Flax Crepe/Wraps, Caraway-Rye Version (concept recipe, not final)

Zucchini Cobbler (tastes amazingly like Apple) (needs revising to be gluten free)

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